Trout Fishing Rules

  • Persons accessing Press manor Fishing Lakes do so at their own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any accident and/or injury to person’s vehicles or possessions, whilst on the premises. It is the person’s responsibility to ensure they are protected and are aware of the dangers of fishing before entering.

  • Barbless or de-barbed hooks only.

  • Artificial Flies only, and no ground baiting. Maximum 3 flies on a cast.

  • For bio-security ensure your nets are dry prior to fishing.

  • Please treat fish with respect – play them in quickly, ideally un-hook in the net and do not let them bounce around on the hard ground.

  • Photographing Trout : Whilst playing the trout have a colleague ready with a camera, leave the fish in the net, a quick photo, and get it back in the water asap. If you are on your own, don’t take photographs.
  • Allow fish plenty of time to revive before releasing.

  • All brown trout to be released.

  • No Boobies, Snakes, or Flies with hooks in the tail permitted.

  • On all tickets a maximum of 18 may be caught and released. e.g. On a 3 fish ticket you kill your first 3 Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout or Blue Trout, then catch and release a total of 18. You then stop fishing and purchase a top up ticket for £9.00 allowing you to catch another 18 trout.

  • Life Jackets to be used when boat fishing or float tubing or wading.

  • Finally a common sense rule : fish courteously, respecting the sport of other lake users..

 Note : A Risk Assessment document is available on site and can be e mailed or posted on request.

Remember these rules only exist to ensure the welfare of the fish and the consistency of your sport.

Please report anyone in breach of these rules.

Thank you.