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Press Manor Fishing Report
Friday 12th July 2024.
Trout Lake
Tickets available on the bank.
With the cooler weather trout fishing has become less challenging the last week.
Lots of the trout are in two layers, 7 feet and around 10 feet.
Use a sinking line or fish an Indicator set at 10 feet. I caught in the week using a white tadpole fished at 10 feet under an Indicator and twitched occasionally.
The best areas to fish are near the dam or on the house bank.
Boats are fishing consistently, both in the shallows and by the dam.
Note: For the washing method you can use a FAB (Foam arsed blob) on a floating line to keep your nymphs moving slowly through the water column.
We have some ‘Fabs’ in stock, ask Martyn or me whilst we are at the lodge. If you need flies whilst fishing text me and we will bring them to you.
Also note Alton Manor Trout Lake near Wirksworth, is back open now. A good fishery worth a visit.
Please remember to de barb your hooks.

Tight Lines