The Trout Lake - How's It Fishing?

Fishing Report 1st August 2020

Trout Lake fishing quite well with some anglers getting good catches near double figures and others struggling.

Dam area fishing best with F Flies, Klinkhammers, and CDC emerges , catching fish morning and evening.

3 Buzzers on a cast with a long leader is a good method, if you struggle with 3 flies use 2. Please ask and I will show you how to tie droppers on.

Boats are fishing really well with quite a few catches in double figures, however there are mixed results with lures. Most people fishing them too fast. Cat’s Whisker being the best fly, if fished reasonably slowly.

Due to Covid the Cafe is not open but if marten or me are around , we do take away tea and coffee.

The lake is open 7 days a week from 8 am or just before.

Tight Lines