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Fishing Up date and report Wednesday 24th January 2024.

Storm Jocelyn has gone, so the winds have eased making fishing better.

The lake has  fished well with maggot and float tactics  being the best method.

Please see the details of the mid week Catch online booking system below.

Catch impose a booking fee, for best value,  a one off monthly charge of £3.99 or 6 monthly charge of £19.99 gives you access to as many bookings as you like,  not only at press manor but other participating lakes aswell.
Please see details aswell.



Please note : A number of people have asked if we can open weekdays in the winter. if you are looking to fish at Press Manor in the week , you must pre book by using the new ‘Catch’ online booking system.

Go on my website for details about Catch, however download the ‘catch app’ on your phone before booking. You will be asked to register,  including password. Once you have an account, you pick the day, you want to fish, pay on line before fishing. You will get a receipt, and the gate number 24 hours before you fish. Trout fishing in the week will be on a catch and release basis only in the week. (Two fish tickets available weekends).

Its best to register a day or so before fishing, the lakes will be bailiffed please do not turn up without pre booking.

Week commencing Monday 11th March we will be back to 7 days a week, without pre booking, on the Trout and Coarse lakes. The Carp lake will have the pre booking system in place going forward.

It sounds a little complicated but have a look their website is amazing.



At weekends we are open as usual over the winter, with bailiff Martyn taking day tickets as per normal.



On the coarse lake good catches of Roach coming to Maggot, on both Feeder and Pole.

Careful feeding seems the key, with it taking a while to get the fish in your peg.



Tight Lines