The Coarse Fishing Lake - How's It Fishing?

Fishing Report Saturday 28th November 2021

Coarse Lake
Roach Bream and f1’s are being caught. Catches will be varied, and the fish ‘Twitchy’. With float fishing careful presentation and feeding is critical. Feed up 2 to 3 areas, and carefully plumb you’re depth, fishing slightly over depth. Feeder is a good method at this time of the year.

It’s definitely worth setting up a Feeder rod, and float rod, and interchanging between the two casing to different areas.

Best baits are Maggot, Caster, Sweetcorn and pellet.

A post by Neil Salt on fishing the Coarse lake;
“Decided on a change and fished feeder all day even left pole at home wrong decision lol
Took over an hour to get my first bite and just plugged away ended up with 22 fish but hey ho”

Tight Lines