Coarse Fishing Rules


  • Persons accessing my lake : Press Manor Fishing Lakes Ltd do so at their own risk. We cannot be held responsible for any accident or injury to person vehicles or possessions, whilst on the premises. It is the person’s responsibility to ensure they are protected, and are aware of the dangers associated with fishing, before entering the site.
  • You must have read and understood the rules prior to fishing my lake, those in breach will be asked to leave.
  • Litter – litter is to be taken home, do not throw litter anywhere on the fishery. If you can’t adhere to this, don’t fish at Press Manor! Let us know if your peg is not clear of litter immediately upon arrival, and report anyone you see leaving litter.
  • Day tickets 6.30am until 8pm or dawn to dusk, whichever is earlier. Anglers, please don’t arrive before dawn.   
  • All fish to be returned immediately and carefully to the lake.
  • For Bio Security – all landing nets, keep-nets and un-hooking mats must be bone dry before fishing.
  • Keep-Nets are permitted. They must be dry. Keep them  behind you, until a Bailiff checks they are dry before putting them in the lake- No Carp Species ( inc F1’s) to be placed in nets.
  • A 2nd rod may be used for an additional £2.00; please use with discretion.
  • No hooks in floating bread (as striking can rip the mouth of fish).
  • Do not invite visitors to the lake, if they arrive uninvited it’s your responsibility to ask them leave.  If your partner wants to stay overnight a charge of £2.50 will be made.
  • Cars to be parked responsibly allowing free access. Maximum speed for vehicles is 5mph.
  • Be courteous to all other lake users; no radios, open fires, disposable BBQs, swimming, or heavy drinking. The highest standard of behaviour is expected from all. As noise carries on water, please do not talk loudly. Keep children near you and quiet at all times.
  • Barbless hooks (no micro Barbs).
  • No Tents,Fishing Bivvies Only’.
  • Bivvies-The only pegs they can be put up on, are on Pegs 1 to 8. i.e. as you look from the dam far end, right hand side, where the grass area widens out. Leave room for other lake users to pass.
  • If you are opposite an angler you, must cast no further than half way across the lake.


Additional rules for Carp Anglers and Night Fisherman       

  • Night Tickets (including any guests) must be booked in advance– do not turn up to do a night session without phoning Bernie to book on 07976 306073. If you haven’t booked on you will be asked to leave, no exceptions.
  • We have infrared cameras on site – please do not move around the car park area after dark. 
  • Carp are not to be lifted above knee height at any time.
  • Bait Bans: no nuts or beans of any kind.
  • No lead core, braided main line, fixed leads, or snag leaders.
  • Coated braid hook lengths are permitted.
  • Carp Anglers use thick un-hooking mats 40mm minimum, and large landing-nets.
  • Bait Boats – allowed use with discretion.
  • No fish to be put in Sacks. 
  • Do not order Takeaway Deliveries to Press Manor.
  • No vehicles are to be driven at night on the fishery.
  • Random rig checks – please do not be offended if asked.
  • Remember these rules only exist to ensure the welfare of the fish, and the consistency of your sport, please report anyone in breach of the rules.

If you would like any further information or for bookings, please phone Bernie 07976 306073